Bulk Cooking Supplies for Caterers

Northern Food Ingredients stocks a range of catering products, instant packs, sauces, herbs, spices and condiments all available in a convenient 1 kg quantity and a bulk 25 kg amount depending on the size of your catering business.

We also understand how important it is for catering businesses to have stock of all the cooking ingredients with consistent flavours and availability. As such, we pride ourselves on being stockists of good quality catering ingredients and providing a range of ingredients that are suitable for all pallets.

Under our catering product ingredients, you can choose from a selection of instant pie mixes which will allow you or your staff to easily make delicious pie fillings with most of the common pie flavours. Some of the bulk pie gravy mixes we stock include the ever-popular Beef pie gravy mix, cheese pie gravy mix, chicken pie gravy mix, Cornish pie gravy mix, pepper steak pie gravy mix and sausage roll mix. If your menu features any of these pies then you won’t go wrong with our pie gravy mixes, make sure all your pies leave a lasting impression.

Another popular product we carry in our catering products section is bulk juice powders, all conveniently available in 1kg and 25kg quantities. Our bulk juice range includes all your general flavours such as Granadilla Juice, Nartjie Juice, Orange Juice and Peach Juice. These juice products make adding a juice bar to your breakfast buffet easy while providing easy-to-use juice choices in a range of other establishments. If you need to keep juice stocked in your hotel, restaurant or bar then our juice products will definitely benefit your business.

No catering menu is complete without dessert and we have just the product to end your meal on the right note. We carry 3 wonderful dessert products which will give you the perfect opportunity to make a tasty dessert. Choose from our Chocolate dessert, Vanilla dessert and Caramel dessert to start making more desserts today, our delicious dessert powders are available in 1kg and 25kg quantities depending on your business needs.