Our range of bulk sauces is available in 5L bottles making them easy to use in your restaurant, in your food truck or even in your catering business. Browse our selection of sauces and condiments below and reach out to us if you can’t see the flavoured sauce you need.

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BBQ Classic Sauce

Our delicious BBQ Classic Sauce is available for your convenience in 5L. Add to your table condiments in smaller bottles or use in your kitchen to flavour a variety of meals.

BBQ King Sauce

BBQ King sauce is now available in 5L adding a wonderful BBQ flavour to any meal you need. Our bulk sauce range is the perfect way to keep your shelves well stocked.

Chili Sauce

Bullk Chili Sauce available for your convenience in a 5L container. If you like something a little spicy on your shelves, in your condiment selection or in your food.

Chip Sauce

Chip sauce is a classic in any South AFrican establishment, a popular dish slap chips will always benefit from a side helping of our chip sauce available in 5L.


Get your bulk chutney sauce with Northern Food Ingredients available in a 5L container for your benefit. Pair this uniquely flavoured product with a variety of dishes and gain another delicious sauce.

Honey & Mustard Sauce

Honey and Mustard Sauce is a wonderful pairing with chicken and pork meats either as part of the cooking process or as a delicious accompaniment. Our honey and mustard sauce is available in 5L.

Housewife Grill Sauce

Our Housewife Grill Sauce is available in 5L containers for convenience. Keep your shelves stocked well with our range of delicious bulk sauces.

Lemon Garlic Sauce

Lemon Garlic Sauce available in 5L. Our bulk lemon garlic sauce can be used easily with chicken, pork and other meals adding another element to your condiment selection.


A popular sauce with many dishes you can't go wrong with stocking mayonnaise in your establishment. Our bulk mayonnaise is available in 1L, 5L and 25L.


This spicy mayonnaise makes a fabulous addition to any kitchen or pantry. A popular sauce with many dishes you can't go wrong with stocking mayonnaise variants in your establishment. Our MayoZing sauce is available in 5L buckets.

Mushroom Sauce

Bulk mushroom sauce in 5L containers. Order your bulk mushroom sauce and add this delicious sauce to any worthy meal.

Mustard Sauce

We stock delicious bulk mustard sauce which is conveniently available in 5L so you can add mustard to your condiment selection today.

Pepper Sauce

Are you looking for wonderful bulk sauces to keep your kitchen flowing smoothly? Then our bulk pepper sauce is the right product for you. We stock bulk sauces including pepper sauce in 5L.