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Browse our selection of herbs and spices and place your order online for your convenience. Our range includes herbs and spices from aniseed to turmeric and almost every other herb or spice needed to stock your shelves or use in your business to create magnificent flavours. We know how important it is to get great quality spices in bulk quantities every time you place an order.

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Aniseed is an annual herb, a part of the parsley family which has a flavour profile similar to licorice or tarragon. A fragrant herb, aniseed is used in a variety of ways all around the world, including as a popular ingredient in German bread, and a wonderful additive to most meat or even vegetable dishes this spice will lend itself well in any pantry.
We stock ground aniseed in 1kg and in 25kgs and we currently stock whole aniseed in 1kg and 25kgs.


Basil is a well-known herb which is used in cooking all around the globe. A herb plant from the mint family, basil is used often used to flavour dishes whole like on top of pizza or pasta, used as a pesto to accompany a dish, blend into a puree or into a soup Basil is a very versatile herb.
Our basil comes in either ground which is available in 1kg or 25kgs and whole basil also available in 1kg or 25kgs.


A bay leaf is a fragrant leaf often used as a herb in a variety of dishes. With a slightly bitter taste and a tendency to hold their shape regardless of how long they are cooked, the whole bay leaf is generally removed from a dish when about to serve. Bay leaves provide a more flavour to dishes such as soups and stews as well as a range of health benefits.
We stock ground bay leaf which is available in 1kg and 25kgs and we stock whole bay leaves also in 1kg and 10kg for all your bulk herb needs.

Bell Peppers

We stock a range of bell peppers with green peppers and red peppers available in different sizes. We also stock a mix of peppers in a 3x3mm size in 1 kg. Our green and red bell peppers are available in 3x3mm and also available in 9x9mm both sizes of green and red peppers are in 1kg and 20kg depending on the quantities you need.


Perfect for your achar we stock this delicious Borrie spice in 1kg and in 25kg depending on your needs.


Caraway is an aromatic spice with an intense anise-like flavour. Frequently used in desserts and liquors this delicious spice warms you up from the inside. We stock ground caraway in 1kg and 25kgs and we stock whole caraway seeds in 1kg and 25kgs.


Cardamon or Cardamom is an aromatic spice similar in flavour to ginger but with warming qualities like cinnamon. Cardamom is used in cooking and baking in countries around and can be used in a variety of dishes and desserts. We stock ground Cardamon and whole Cardamom in 1kg bags.

Cassia Sticks

Cassia sticks are different from Ceylon cinnamon sticks in that cassia sticks tend to be a single hard layer. With an intense flavour cassia sticks are particularly suited to Indian cuisine or if you prefer desserts cassia sticks can pair very well with chocolate.
Our cassia sticks are available in the sailing boat shape in 1kg and 10kgs or we stock whole round cassia sticks also available in 1kg and 10kgs.


Celery is a wonderfully versatile vegetable with various culinary uses. Not only is the vegetable a healthy cooking ingredient but celery seeds offer a delicious subtle savoury spice option to a variety of dishes. We also stock ground celery spice which is easy to use on savoury dishes as well as celery salt which is also used for flavouring meals.
Our ground celery spice is available in 1 kg and 25 kg, the celery salt is available in 1kg only and our celery seeds are stock 1 kg and 25kg.

Chai Seeds

We stock bulk Chai seeds in 1 kg and 25 kg, perfect for adding to morning cereals, crackers or other baked goods. Chai seeds are seen as a superfood with wonderful health benefits and are especially nutrient-rich with a mild nutty flavour.


Chilli, chilli and more chilli spices, we stock a range of coarse and ground chilli spice including Bird’s Eye coarse chilli in 1 kg and 25kgs, Bird’s Eye ground chilli available in 1 kg and 25kgs, Cayenne pepper ground also in 1 kg and 25kgs, as well as course chilli spice in 1kg and 20kgs and lastly an Chilli Extra Hot Fine available in 1kg and 20kgs.

Chives Tubular

Chives Tubular is available with Northern Food Ingredients in a 1 kg the smallest of the onion family these chives have a delicate flavour which can easily be added to a variety of meals.


A warm spice often associated with winter and festive seasons this delicious spice can be added to a range of beverages and meals for a flavour often loved. Our cinnamon spice is available as ground cinnamon in 1 kg and 25 kg as well as a whole round 1 kg and 10 kg.


Cloves are a warm spice traditionally added to meats, meat rubs, marinades as well as baked goods you can order your ground cloves in 1 kg and 25 as well as whole cloves in either 1kg or 25kg.


We stock a range of coriander including coarse fine coriander in 1 kg and 25kg, Ground coriander available in 1kg and 25kg, coarse coriander 1kg and 20 kg, whole coriander in 1 kg and 25 kg, ground roasted coriander in 1 kg and 25kg and lastly coarse roasted coriander also available in 1 kg and 25kg. Coriander possesses a strong flavour that for many people can result in an almost soapy flavour but for everyone else, coriander is reminiscent of parsley and can be used to flavour a variety of dishes including meats, casseroles and stews.


Cumin is ideal for enhancing the savouriness of rich meats like lamb and beef. Cumin can also be used on root vegetables to bring out their naturally sweeter flavour. Get your ground cumin in either 1 kg or 25 kg or order your whole cumin in 1 kg and 25 kg. Start flavouring your next meal today with Northern Food Ingredients.


Dill is usually viewed as a summer or spring herb with a lighter flavour often used in soups, dips, salads and dressings. We carry dill seeds in 1kg and 25kg and we stock dill tips in 1kg.


Use ground fennel for flavouring or whole fennel for garnish etc. We stock both ground fennel and whole fennel in 1 kg and 25 kg for your convenience.


Fenugreek is a herb similar to clover and is often used in Indian cuisine. Fresh and dried seeds as well as the leaves can be used as a flavouring agent. We stock ground fenugreek in 1kg and 25kg and we stock whole fenugreek which is also available in 1kg and 25kg