Achar Ingredients

A delicious Indian spice mix mainly used for making pickles. Make your own Atchar with our Atchar Masala instant pack which allows you to make your own Atchar in bulk quantities or order your own individual ingredients and add your preferred quantities to your Atchar Masala. We offer key ingredients including MSG (Flavour Enhancer), Oleoresins (Paprika & Capsicum “FOR HEAT”) flavours such as BBQ seasonings, Garlic Granules, Potjiekos, Beef Stock as well as Guar Gum (thickening agent), Turmeric, Sunset Yellow and Atchar Red colourings.

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Achar Masala Instant Pack

Our Atchar Masala, also known as Achar Masala or Achaar Masala is a blend of aromatic spices that have been mixed together providing you with an instant mix enough for 10kg green mangoes, perfect for starting your Atchar business.

Achar Red Coloring

The red colouring is used to impart a red colour to your achar. We stock achar red colouring in a 1 kg bag and we stock a bulk red colouring in 25kg.

BBQ Grill Seasoning

Our fabulous BBQ Grill Seasoning is ideal for buying your grill seasoning in bulk. Available in a 1Kg bag and 25Kg. Best spice option for a steakhouse, grill house or butchery.

BBQ Seasoning

This delicious BBQ seasoning is ideal to use as a braai spice on several meat cuts for a traditional barbeque flavor.

BBQ Spice is available in 1Kg packs and 25Kg bags


Perfect for your achar we stock this delicious Borrie spice in 1kg and in 25kg depending on your needs.

Capsicum Oil

Capsicum oil (or bell peppers as they are sometimes known) is ideal for adding to your achar mix. Our capsicum oil is available in a 1-litre container or in a 25-litre drum.


Chilli, chilli and more chilli spices, we stock a range of coarse and ground chilli spice including Bird’s Eye coarse chilli in 1 kg and 25kgs, Bird’s Eye ground chilli available in 1 kg and 25kgs, Cayenne pepper ground also in 1 kg and 25kgs, as well as course chilli spice in 1kg and 20kgs and lastly an Chilli Extra Hot Fine available in 1kg and 20kgs.


Fenugreek is a herb similar to clover and is often used in Indian cuisine. Fresh and dried seeds as well as the leaves can be used as a flavouring agent. We stock ground fenugreek in 1kg and 25kg and we stock whole fenugreek which is also available in 1kg and 25kg


While Garlic is botanically a vegetable it is more commonly used as a spice, especially in powder form. Garlic can be used to flavor a variety of dishes including stews, soups, and meats.

Our Garlic is available in granules - 1Kg and 25Kg and in a powder form - 1Kg and 25Kg

Guar Gum

A low-calorie food additive used for binding and thickening our guar gum product is available in 1Kg and 25Kg packs.

Monate BBQ Seasoning

A wonderful BBQ seasoning and a convenient way of imparting extra BBQ flavour into your achar. We stock Monate BBQ Seasoning in 1 kg and in a bulk 25kg option.


MSG or monosodium glutamate is a flavor additive that is as easy to use as any other spice or seasoning. This incredible additive hits the 5th taste umami like no other and that is why M.S.G is also referred to as Magic Salt or Zeal.

Available in regular 80mesh and fine 200mesh 1Kg or bulk 25Kg.


Our range of paprika spice includes Paprika - ground 70/80 Asta 1kg/25kg, Paprika - ground 80/90 Asta 1kg/25kg, Paprika ground smoked and 1kg/25kg, Paprika crushed 1kg/25kg. Paprika is a red spice made from specific sweet peppers giving this spice its mild, sweet flavour. Paprika heat can vary depending on the sweet peppers used.

Paprika Oleoresin

Paprika oil can be used in a variety of ways including as a delicious dressing or sauce over a finished dish. Paprika oil can also be used for marinading, grilling or brushing over roast vegetables. We stock paprika oleoresin in 1 litre and in 25 litre for bulk needs. Paprika oil is an oil infusion of sweet peppers and olive oil, this means the heat can vary depending on the sweet pepper used for the infusion.


We stock peri-peri spice in 1kg and in 25kg for easy bulk ordering. This peri-peri spice can be used to flavour your achar to perfection.


This Dutch-Malay spice blend delivers a uniquely South African potjiekos flavor, traditionally cooked in a cast iron 3 legged pot over an open fire, this wonderful Potjiekos spice mixture comes with a hint of chili and is ideal for any type of meat and vegetables for your next potjie/stew.

Available in 1Kg packs and 25Kg bags.

Sunset Yellow Coloring

Available in 1kg and 25kg our sunset yellow colouring is a versatile colourant perfectly suited for use in your cooking, baking or achar ingredient mixes.


Our ground turmeric spice is available in 1kg and 25kg. This delicious warming spice carries a host of health benefits while adding massive flavour to curries, stews or rice.