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Butchery Machinery, Hunting and Meat Processing Supplies

Northern Food Ingredients carries a range of products ideal for setting up your butchery and processing your hunting meat in the comfort of your own home. Our range of products includes machines for making your hamburger patties, slicing biltong and making sausages from scratch. 

After you have stocked your butchery with the right machinery we can supply you with the ingredients to flavour your meat products with our delectable instant seasoning packs, marinades, herbs, spices and hog or sheep sausage casings.

Make Hamburger Patties with Ease

Choose from our Hand Patty Machine or our Hamburger Patty Machine and start making your hamburger patties in your butchery. You can also flavour your freshly made hamburger patties with our delicious burger instant packs which include Hamburger Patties Instant Packs, Chargrill Burger Instant Packs and Old Coronation Hamburger Instant Packs. 

If you prefer to flavour your hamburger meat with your secret recipe you can choose from our range of herbs and spices including popular hamburger herbs rosemary, sage, thyme and parsley.


Build your biltong business ​

Biltong has always been a proudly South African thing and our range of meat processing equipment wouldn’t be complete without a choice of electric biltong slicer and hand biltong slicer. We also carry 5 convenient Biltong seasoning instant packs which include popular flavours original Biltong Instant Pack, Chili Biltong Instant Pack and Laeveld Biltong with Roasted Coriander Instant Pack. 

We also know that some people have unique biltong flavours and prefer to season to their taste so we have arranged a delicious range of spices for all taste preferences, some of the more common spices used on biltong that we stock include salt, pepper, coriander, garlic and so much more.

Make sure your selection of sausages is like no other. ​

Make your sausages from scratch with our meat processing machinery which includes hand mincer, Horizontal Sausage Filler and Vertical Sausage Filler and flavour your sausages with our scrumptious instant packs. Some of the instant sausage packs we stock include BBQ Beef Sausage Instant Pack, Cheese Griller Instant Pack and Pork Sausage with Lemon Instant Pack. We also carry hog sausage casings and sheep sausage casings depending on your preference.

How to make Russians sausages and Cooked Salami ​

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