Bulk Suppliers for Restaurants

We cater to restaurants of all sizes.

No matter what your cuisine and flavour profile we have a cooking product for you and your restaurant. Northern Food Ingredients are stockists of a range of local ingredients that can be used in your kitchen to create amazing dishes and we have a range of retail products perfect for gracing your table tops. We can even help you with filling your salt and pepper shakers with quality ingredients. Our products include baking ingredients, cooking chemicals, colourants, seasonings and flavourings. We have compiled a list as extensive as we can to make sure your kitchen can create the most memorable meals around.

Our salt and pepper range

Get your quality salt in a range of products, we stock coarse salt, fine salt, medium salt Himalayan and more all available in 1 kg and bulk quantities. We also stock the NFI Desert Salt Grinder, convenient for your tabletop or a Weber Kalahari Desert Salt Grinder both of which are available in a 6 pack.


For your table, we carry either the NFI Big 5 Black Pepper Grinder which is available in a 6 pack or the alternative Weber Madagascan Black Peppercorn Grinder also in a 6 pack. If you prefer to order by kg we have a selection of pepper types available including Ground Black Pepper, Coarse Black Pepper, Whole White Pepper, Ground White Pepper, Whole Pink Peppercorns and Whole Green Peppercorns and more. 


Browse our range online and submit a request for a quote to start adding to your restaurant’s tables.

Set your restaurant tables up just right with our range of bulk sauces. ​

We carry a range of bulk sauces which give you the choice of what condiments grace your tables. If you want the more traditional we stock chilli sauce, tomato sauce, mayonnaise and mustard all available in 5L quantities. If your restaurant requires something more we stock a range of additional sauces including Prego Sauce, Soya Sauce, Takatala Sauce and Worcester sauce plus more.

We also carry an exciting retail sauce set which gives you a mixed pack of 6 different NFI Big 5 sauces. Sweet & Sour, Sweet Chili, Peri Peri, Best Rib Marinade, Sticky Sauce and Smokey BBQ.